Quarterly Sensory-Play Subscription | Baby’s starting age: 0-3 months | Four boxes | £43.97 per box (billed/sent every three months) | FREE delivery

STARTING AGE: 0-3 Months: Start your subscription from 0–3 Months - £43.97 per box (billed/sent every three months)

This quarterly subscription series provides you with all the age-appropriate sensory toys and resources you need to support your baby’s development from birth to 12 months. The first delivery you’ll receive will be our 0–3 Months box.

How does the Baby’s First Year subscription work?

Subscribing to our sensory-play boxes is easy!

  1. Add the 0–3 Months box to your cart and check out in a few clicks. Relax and tick ‘buy baby toys’ off your to-do list – we’ve got you covered for the next twelve months!
  2. Receive your 0–3 Months box and scan the QR code that’s inside to download our Ways to Play guide. Have fun exploring the contents with your little one!
  3. You’ll receive your 3–6 Months box around twelve weeks later, followed by your 6–9 Months box and finally your 9–12 Months box. You’ll be billed £43.97 automatically as we dispatch each box, and your subscription will end when you receive the last box.

The total cost for all four boxes is £175.88. This equates to just £14.66 a month to receive all the toys and resources you need for your baby from birth to 12 months. Even better, they’ll be delivered to your door, exactly when you need them!

Shopping for an older baby?

Don’t worry – you can begin your subscription with our 3–6 Months or 6–9 Months box instead!

How does the Baby’s First Year subscription series support your baby’s sensory development?

Every three months, just as your baby is likely to be tackling a new set of developmental milestones, you’ll receive a new set of high-quality sensory toys and resources. Each item is specially selected to build on what your baby has already learned and nurture their brain through the next phase of their development and beyond – this takes all the pressure off you to find age-appropriate toys, because we’ve found them for you!

A downloadable Ways to Play guide accompanies each box to help you get the most out of the contents. It explains which milestones your baby is likely to be working towards at their current age, and how you can use each item in your box to help them get there.

Why do babies aged 0–3 months need sensory stimulation?

During the first three months of their life, a newborn baby goes through a huge amount of developmental change and their brain grows at an incredible rate. From the moment they’re born, you’ll notice your baby responding to their environment – especially to touch, sound and light – but you’ll see their responsiveness increase rapidly with every week that passes.

Your baby’s vision develops dramatically at this age: to start with they can only see items that are eight to twelve inches away from them, and everything is pretty fuzzy and colourless. By the time they’re around three months old, they’ll begin to track moving objects with their eyes and they’ll start to see basic colours.

During this time, you’ll also notice your curled-up little bundle start to stretch out their arms and legs and develop the beginnings of head control. Their little hands will gradually change from a tight fist to more open palms that are suddenly eager to reach and grab at anything and everything within reach!

Sounds and music may initially startle your baby, but over time you’ll see them purposefully turn their head towards noise. And, of course, they’ll become more interested and interactive, and you’re likely to get those precious first smiles, coos and maybe even giggles.

The time you spend interacting one-to-one with your baby from birth to three months plays a crucial role in helping them reach these milestones by stimulating and nurturing their senses.

What’s in the 0–3 Months sensory-play box?

Our 0–3 Months box is all about introducing you to sensory play and supporting your baby's visual and cognitive development.

Research shows that patterns of black, grey and white register the strongest on a newborn’s retina, and the first colour your baby will be able to distinguish is red (usually from around 1012 weeks). Introducing a baby to this type of high-contrast stimulation sends strong visual signals to the brain, promoting faster brain growth and visual development.

The items you’ll receive in your 0–3 Months box will be hand-picked to support this, while also stimulating your baby’s other senses with interesting textures and sounds. The exact contents of our boxes vary from month to month, but the kind of things you can expect are as follows:

Printed muslins

Board books

Soft rattles

Crinkle toys

Reversible cards

Sensory decals

And, of course, you’ll also get access to our downloadable Ways to Play guide, which is bursting with information on your baby’s development and ideas for using the items in your box in a variety of ways to stimulate their senses.

Any questions?

The answer is probably lurking among our FAQs, but if you can’t find the information you need please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re always happy to help.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Caroline Jackson
Top rated

Amazing product / idea! I so looked forward to getting our package every quarter! Every toy thoughtfully designed and packaged for the age range -Sad my subscription has now ended!
Highly recommended - especially nice as a baby shower pressie!

Charlotte Duran
Her favourite toys

My little one has so many toys and yet the toys which came in her sensory boxes are still by far her favourites. She was the envy of all the babies at her sensory class when they spotted her colourful soft ball!! The crinkle panda is still a winner and she's 5 months now. Love it. Really well thought out

Ruth Bradbury
Amazing boxes

We have loved our year of boxes. My little girl still plays with every toy we have received. All of the items are of great quality and designed to help your child develop.
Customer service is great too. Any questions and Dee gets back to you straight away.
Would and have 100% recommended to friends

Sarah Beirne
Perfect for your first year

As a lockdown mum I didn’t have the classes that I hoped I would and felt lost. The quarterly boxes ensured that I always had toys for my little boy that were perfect for his age. At 11 months, he still plays with all of the toys regularly and the guides produced are so helpful. I wish I could buy the boxes as a one off as they would be the perfect gift for new mums!

Carly Schofield
Nice items but overpriced

Lovely items but way overpriced for what is in the box.

Good morning Carly,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

As a small mum run business I take great pride in sourcing each item for each box to not only make sure that they are age appropriate for your little one but also great value for money, so I am really sorry to hear that you felt that it wasn't value for money.

The aim of the boxes is to make things a little bit easier by helping parents with finding age appropriate toys for their little ones that will last not only for the 3 months until your next box arrives but throughout the year with ideas on how to use the items in the QR code provided - which many customers comment on how valuable they find this.

The current contents of the 0-3 box is worth £46.23-£48.23 if purchased at full value price, this is without taking into consideration postage and packaging costs too - which shipping is offered for free on the First Year Boxes. As well as that, the Wee Gallery Crinkle Toy, the printed muslin, the board book and the animal rattle are all eco friendly, and either made out of sustainable or organic materials.

The wee gallery crinkle toy alone is valued at £13.95 on it's own.

To break it down for you here are the full costs of each item in your box:

Wee Gallery Crinkle Toy £13.95
Board book £7.99
Sensory decals £4
Visual Cards - £7.97
Rattle - £7.99-£9.99 (depending on variation).
Organic printed muslin - £4.33
Postage - £3.97

I've also added a few links for you here where you can see the full value of some of the items that are included:

In terms of pricing the boxes, I also have to take into consideration how long it takes me to write the guides, which take a considerable amount of time (the 0-3 month guide contains over 17 pages of information), as well as sourcing the items and packing the boxes.

Unfortunately, there was a price rise earlier this year which was unavoidable due to the rising costs of suppliers due to Brexit and Covid which are still currently rising - but I do try and offer discounts as much as I can, where possible.

As you can imagine, the last 18 months for not only myself but every other busienss has been tough, and we are all facing the same issues with rising costs, unfortunately as a small business I just can not offer these boxes for any less than what they're priced. 

Thank you for taking the time to support my small business. 

Kind regards 

Dee - The Little Sensory Box