Quarterly Sensory-Play Subscription | Toddler starting age: 18-21 Months | Two boxes | £45.97 per box (billed/sent every three months) | FREE delivery


This quarterly subscription series provides you with all the age-appropriate sensory toys and resources you need to support your toddler's development from 12 to 24 months. 

How does the 12- 24 Month subscription work?

Subscribing to our sensory-play boxes is easy!

  1. Add the box to your cart and check out in a few clicks. Relax and tick ‘buy baby toys’ off your to-do list – we’ve got you covered for the next twelve months!
  2. Receive your box and scan the QR code that’s inside to download our Ways to Play guide. Have fun exploring the contents with your little one!
  3. You’ll be billed £45.97 automatically as we dispatch each box, and your subscription will end when you receive the last box.

The total cost for all four boxes is £175.88. This equates to just £14.66 a month to receive all the toys and resources you need for your toddler from 12 to 24 months. Even better, they’ll be delivered to your door, exactly when you need them!

Shopping for an older baby?

Don’t worry – you can begin your subscription at whichever age!

How does the 12 to 24 month subscription series support your baby’s sensory development?

Every three months, just as your toddler is likely to be tackling a new set of developmental milestones, you’ll receive a new set of high-quality sensory toys and resources. Each item is specially selected to build on what your toddler has already learned and nurture their brain through the next phase of their development and beyond – this takes all the pressure off you to find age-appropriate toys, because we’ve found them for you!

A downloadable Ways to Play guide accompanies each box to help you get the most out of the contents. It explains which milestones your toddler is likely to be working towards at their current age, and how you can use each item in your box to help them get there.

Why do Toddlers age 12 to 24 months need sensory stimulation?

When your toddler reaches a developmental milestone, such as walking, it means he or she has mastered the physical and cognitive skills needed to advance to another skill. For example, about 6 months after your child has learned to walk with ease, he or she will likely be able to run. Most toddlers also learn the basics of climbing, kicking, and throwing.

Also during the second year, children gain more control and coordination over the many small muscles in their hands, fingers, and wrists. These fine-motor skills enable your child to begin drawing with crayons, eating with a spoon, and manipulating small items.


What’s in the 12-24 Months sensory-play box?

Our 12-24 Months box is all about developing sensory play and supporting their cognitive and developmental milestones.

Research shows that patterns of black, grey and white register the strongest on a newborn’s retina, and the first colour your baby will be able to distinguish is red (usually from around 1012 weeks). Introducing a baby to this type of high-contrast stimulation sends strong visual signals to the brain, promoting faster brain growth and visual development.

The items you’ll receive in your 12-24 Months box will be hand-picked to support this, while also stimulating your toddler's other senses with interesting textures and sounds. The exact contents of our boxes vary from month to month and dependant upon availability, but the kind of things you can expect are as follows:

⭐ Wooden Toys

Board books

⭐ Puzzles

⭐ Reading Books

⭐ Activities


And, of course, you’ll also get access to our downloadable Ways to Play guide, which is bursting with information on your toddlers development and ideas for using the items in your box in a variety of ways to stimulate their senses.

Any questions including what's in each box?

The answer is probably lurking among our FAQs, but if you can’t find the information you need please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re always happy to help.

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