Small Box, Big Impact

Small Box, Big Impact

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I feel like i am on a roll - Today's blog is all about The Percussion Box. Enjoy!

The Percussion Box maybe the smallest box within our range, but its guaranteed to create a big impact with your little one.

This little sensory box is suitable from birth and your baby will love hearing the different noises and seeing all the bright colours; improving their tracking skills and stimulating their audible senses. It is also perfect for curious toddlers who enjoy making lots of noise. Encourage them to hold on to the items not only improve their hand-eye coordination but will also improve their sense of rhythm.

We wanted to get a toddler and mommy’s perspective on our Percussion Box to make sure it was suitable for the age range we have set; so, we gifted the lovely Amy; from Mothering A Rainbow and her daughter one to try out.

Amy has written a review of The Percussion Box over on her Blog page:

To see what they think of it then head over and check out her post. If you fancy getting yourself one to try out, then why not head over to her Instagram page and check out her highlights for a 10% promotional code:

If you require more information about our range of Sensory Boxes, then please don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

Have a great day.

Dee & Alfie

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