Petit Boum Move Bottle - Universe


NEW to the Petit Boum range.

"We’re going on an interstellar journey. A lonely astronaut dares to float in the cosmos. Have you seen how tiny our blue planet looks from here?

Dreams to float. What would it be like to trap a dream inside a bottle? With this series we wanted to find out. We go one step further in the search for new sensory limits, with a new liquid with a floating effect that you are going to love. Every time the bottle is shaken… the journey begins! Planets, astronauts, animals… begin to float with the change in density of the liquid, in a bubble-filled daydream that captures your imagination and helps you feel relaxed."

Bottle Dimensions: 14 x 4 cm

Age: 3 months+

Care Instructions: Do not immerse in water or expose to the sun for long hours. For cleaning, we recommend wiping with a damp cloth.