Edushape Large See Me Sensory Ball

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The Edushape 18cm See Me Sensory Ball is great for you and your little one to play with! This easy-grip/easy-to catch ball is a perfect first ball for little ones which will be enjoyed for many years to come. 

The soft nubs on the 18cm See Me Sensory Ball are designed to give tactile stimulation when being held or thrown. The ball promotes the development of fine and gross motor skills by rolling the ball and playing catch! The ball could even be used to massage your baby's back and feet to create another sensory experience.
This richly coloured, translucent 18cm diameter ball is supplied fully inflated but can be re-inflated via a built-in valve if required. Latex-free & BPA-free. 
Sensory Engagement: Nubbly surface engages the senses and enhances tactile development
Motor Skill Development: Gripping, tossing, bouncing and rolling the ball encourages development of fine and gross motor skills
Enhance Logic and Reasoning: Rolling, tracking, and bouncing develops hand-eye coordination, visual sensory development, and logic & reasoning skills
Visually Stimulating: Bright, colourful design engages visual senses and encourages colour recognition skills
Age Suitability: 6m+
Colour will be chosen at random upon dispatch.