Download Your FREE Printable Visual Cards

Click the link below to download your free printable visual cards.

These are for you to print out and use with your baby to encourage visual and brain development.

Download here >> High contrast safari animal visual cards

How to use your visual cards:

  1. Print out and laminate (don't worry if you don't have a laminator you can still print out and use).
  2. Prop up against a wall and place your baby in a comfortable position so that they can see. Make sure your baby's face is around 10-12 inches away from the cards. You can also sit your baby on your lap and hold the cards.
  3. Use one image at a time and just let your baby focus on that image. When they look away - then swap the image over. 
  4. Can be used during tummy time. 
  5. Talk to your baby about what you see - this will help to encourage language development later on down the line. 
  6. Progress the activity by moving a card around to see if your baby follows and tracks with their eyes.