Petit Boum Sensory Bottle Set - Eco


Petit Boum Eco Pack is a delightful pack of 3 Petit Boum Sound Bottles to stimulate your child's sense of hearing.

Petit Boum Pack Eco Includes: Petit Boum Sound Bottle Fish + Petit Boum Sound Bottle Ladybirds + Petit Boum Sound Bottle Buttons.

The Petit Boum Sensory Bottles are inspired by the colour range of nature; encouraging your little ones to discover colour, marvel at the light and stimulate their concentration.

Use them with light tables for a magical effect, or let your little one contemplate the glitter flow, sequins and pompoms while relaxing. It is a perfect mindfulness tool to manage stress and anxiety.

The Petiti Boum Spy Sensory Bottles are inspired and created around a natural environment, with animals that will become the main characters of your children’s imagination.

Your little one's will enjoy identifying the animals, imitating them, listing them and creating stories or simply learning about the different ecosystems, inspiring their imaginations.

The Petit Boum Sound Bottles are created to encourage your little one's auditory and visual stimulation as the bottles are shaken and the contents revealed. 

A Petit Boum Sensory Bottle makes an ideal sensory toy for any baby and toddler for any sensory play based activities, stimulating senses and supporting early child development. 

Supports the following areas of learning:

  • Personal Development - sensory
  • Understanding the World - colour
  • Communication & Language - descriptive language
  • Development of gross motor skills

Product Information: Bottle dimensions: 14 cm x 4 cm

CE Tested

Suitable from 3 months plus

Do not immerse in water or expose to the sun for long hours. For cleaning, we recommend wiping with a damp cloth.

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