Mama Bear & Cubs - Guest Blog

Mama Bear & Cubs - Guest Blog

Here’s a little bit about me & my homegrown business, Mama Bear & Cubs.

My husband’s job requires our family to move around frequently and having young children I was looking to set up a small business I could run alongside being a stay at home Mum of two. I thought what better than to create products I not only have used myself with my little bear cubs but truly love & believe are a must have item for all Mamas.

Babies just love to grab anything and everything, which then usually goes straight into their mouths to have a good chew on, my boys have been no different. They were both late getting teeth, my eldest Dexter suffered with sore gums for what felt like forever and my youngest Reuben only had three teeth at almost a year old and always wanted to bite down on something. I always had teething rings at hand and often wore them as bracelets or had to dig them out of the change bag (usually covered in all sorts) & if I didn’t have a teething toy I would resort to my own fingers (Ouch!).

This is where the thought of ‘chewellery’ came in, a safe, easily accessible teething aid for baby that doubles up as a stylish accessory for Mama. Silicone jewellery has proven invaluable during those tough times of teething as well as keeping nippy, scratchy little hands busy when breastfeeding and providing the perfect sensory aid when babywearing.

The Baby-proof jewellery from Mama Bear & Cubs looks pretty & chic with many beautiful bead combinations and bangle colours while working wonders when your little cub gets ‘grizzly’ and teething became un’bear’able!

• Chewable and interesting for baby, while stylish for mama to wear
• Used to soothe sore gums when baby is teething
• A sensory aid to help baby maintain focus while feeding
• Easy to grip by little hands & encourage the development of hand eye co-ordination
• Quick to clean & dry (wash in warm soapy water & leave to air dry)

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Kim - Mama Bear & Cubs x

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