Edible Finger Painting - Summer Activity

Edible Finger Painting - Summer Activity

Finger painting is a fab and easy activity that has physical, creative and social benefits for your little one. There are so many reasons why you should include finger painting into your play sessions and here are a few:

• Its fun and all babies and toddlers just LOVE to get messy!
• It stimulates all their senses by getting them to touch, taste and smell.
• Improves fine motor skills and strengthens the fingers, wrists and hand muscles.
• Helps promote language and social skills if done as a group activity.
• Your little ones will learn about colours, shapes and spatial awareness.
• Development of social skills through sharing pots, taking turns and working together.
• It can be therapeutic, calming and allows your little ones to express their feelings.
• Stimulates creativity and imagination.
• It can help by building your little ones balance, muscle development and spatial awareness if the activity is done on the floor.
• It allows your little one to explore with their hands, make decisions and learn cause of effect.

Making edible paint is really easy and all you need are 2 simple ingredients.

1. Yoghurt (natural/Greek- it doesnt really matter)
2. Food colouring (I used gel but again it doesnt really matter).

Get some little pots, you dont need to go out and buy anything fancy. Just some plastic ones or even paper ones if you have them in the house. Whatever works.

If you have a toddler, include them in the "creation" of the edible paint by allowing them to spoon the yoghurt into the pots. Add a few drops of food colouring to it and get them to mix it together with a spoon. If you want more vibrant paint then just add some more food colouring.

Obviously you're going to need a taste tester at this point, so let your chief product tester have a little taste and see if they approve.

There are a few different ways in how you can do this activity. If you have a smaller baby, sit them in their high chair and use their tray, use a tuff tray on the floor if you have one, or, using an old shower curtain will work too. If you have an older toddler even just sat up at the table is fine and if you're not found of mess then even doing this activity in the bath tub may work better for you.

You can include paper to print onto and hang up with pride or, you can just allow your little one to mix the paints together on their trays and get super messy. For older babies and toddlers give them a brush to use, introducing different sizes and brushes and even sponges. Or, keep within the edible theme and use breads! The possibilities are endless and no matter what way you choose to do it will have a positive impact for your little ones development.

The benefits of using edible paint:

• As above, its beneficial for your little one as they learn by touching and tasting.
• Its non toxic and safe. Let's be honest; babies and toddlers love to put EVERYTHING in their mouths that isnt their dinner!! You can rest assure that when your baby tastes their paint (and they will - it's all apart of the learning process) that it is safe for them to do so.
• It's not harsh on their skin, it wont stain (it will stain their clothes though) and is easy to clean up then normal paint.
• You can pop the paint in the fridge if there is some left over and it will keep for a few days.

This is a really simple but effective activity to do with your little ond that is inexpensive and will keep them entertained either out enjoying the weather; or when stuck inside on rainy days.

Have a go, enjoy, take some pictures and tag us on social media!

Dee & Alfie x