TickIt Rainbow Wooden Cubes - 14 Pack


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Beautiful smooth solid beechwood cubes by TickIt in the seven colours of the rainbow, with a natural finish to show the grain of the wood.

Ideal for creating imaginative scenes, encouraging construction skills, counting and sorting, stacking and sequencing, pattern-making and learning about colour. The set matches other rainbow loose part sets, but can also be included in any loose parts collection or mixed and matched with other wooden heuristic play resources.

This set contains 14 wooden cubes, both sizes in each of the 7 colours of the rainbow. Great for first stacking activities, discovering simple mathematical language, comparing sizes, and for using as building blocks in small world play.

 Supports the following areas of learning:

• Personal Development - sensory, collaborative play
• Physical Development - construction, motor skills
• Understanding the World - observation, colour
• Communication & Language - descriptive language

Size: 40 & 50mm. Pk14.

Age: Suitable from 10 months.