Texture Memory Game

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Children love to learn. They also love colours and feeling things. Edushape has taken a child’s love of these things and created a fun texture memory game. 

Memory games are an excellent way to establish a variety of abilities within a child. This includes fine motor skills, concentration, coordination, and colour training. Children enjoy the task of matching and sorting colourful hues. It stokes their curiosity as they discover new ways to mix and match colours. 


Why learning through touch is important

The motor skills of a child are stronger when they learn through textures and touching. Learning how to hold, grip, stack, squeeze, pour, scoop, and pour are all essential ways to strengthen muscles. In addition, these skills also assist in developing and improving hand-eye coordination.

Texture and colour are an excellent learning combination

The texture is essential to the process as we learn and interact with art. Space, colour, form, value, shape, line, and texture make up the seven academic artistic elements. Each one plays a role in our moods, attention span, psychological makeup, and focus. 

Colour recognition is imperative for development

Children learning early on how to recognise colours aids in the cognitive connection between words and optical cues. An imperative area of the development of children is the ability to know the names and hues of various colours. 

Check out this game of recall and matching! 

Sensory Assist has created a game that makes learning fun. Remember It is a game that involves textures and colours. Your child learns to recognise each texture and colour as they touch one disk and locate the disk that matches. This is an excellent game for teaching children about various sensations and colours.  

Check out this game today, and your child will have so much fun they won’t even realise they are learning!



Choking hazard. Small parts. Recommended for ages 3+