Mobi Peeka Sensory Mirror

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The Mobi Peeka Sensory Mirror has dual plastic handles that are simple to grab for small hands or for children with motor delay. The colourful materials and 3 bumpy bead/rattle aid in developing tactile sensitivity and teach  about variety of textures. The big mirror encourages cause & effect activities and who doesn't like to look at their reflection! 

The Mobi Peeka can support the development of hand-eye coordination and can promote social skills as you follow and recognise the reflection of yourselves and others in the shatterproof mirror.

The Mobi Peeka Mirror was inspired by the inventor's children Kate, who loved holding a mirror while she was changed and Noah who as a preemie required as much developmental play and support as possible. 

Product Information
* Easy to wipe clean with a mildly wet cloth and mild soap and water

*  Clear-sight, shatterproof mirror, BPA & Phthalate Free, and food grade silicone. 

* Dimensions approx: 19cm x 21cm x 2.5cm 


Suitable for babies & children from 0+ months.