Block Sensory Decals - 6Pk


6 x multi-use monochrome baby sensory decals by Block Sensory, designed to be bold and high-contrasting for babies. Ideal for incorporating sensory stimulation into your everyday activities to aid a baby's development and focus.

Decals can be moved and reused in different areas without leaving marks and reapplied to the backing card for easy keeping.

This product includes 6 x high-quality multi-use black and white sensory decals in beautiful packaging which have been designed and made by Block Sensory in the UK. The decals were made for new mothers who want to aid their baby's development but also for family and friends who want to give a unique personalised gift. With this in mind, this product is designed to offer a range of contrasting bold patterns in a format of high-quality wall stickers packaged in a beautifully designed envelope with a little insert of information for the receiver.

Suitable from birth

Product information: Dimensions- 7x7.5cm