Beaded Baby Rattle | Wooden Toys


What fun! With this Fun Beads Rattle, babies will surely get their money's worth when they start to explore the things around them. The rattle, made of finely manufactured wood, fits great in the hand and is the ideal size for small babies' hands. And the colourful wooden beads inside make such wonderful clattering sounds! Exploring the rattle with one's mouth can also be done without worry due to the toy's saliva-proof paints. The Fun Beads Rattle from the Lotta series is really something special!

Our beaded wooden rattle is made from high-quality sustainable wood and is the perfect size for little hands to grasp and hold. Your baby will enjoy exploring their new rattle as they discover that shaking it makes an fun clattering sound.

The rattle is perfectly safe for mouthing babies.

Encourages the development of:

  • Tactile development 
  • Fine & gross motor skills
  • Listening/sounds
  • Visual development
  • Language development
  • Understanding of cause and effect as the rattle is shaken

May assist with:

  • Improving reach and grasp
  • Strengthening back, neck and shoulder muscles during tummy time
  • Supporting to sit and crawl
  • Exploring and introduction to different tempos
  • Early introduction to music and sounds

Suitable from birth