Orthopaedic Sensory Play Mats Pastel

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Our Pastel Baby Set is ideal for little toddlers who are negotiating their first steps, practising and mastering walking skills. It also provides amazing sensory experience for your little ones. Babies love to crawl onto the mats and touch each element. They will explore and learn different shapes, colours, patterns, materials and much more.


This set forms an interesting system that promotes exercises to improve the motor skills of the child and enhances the overall motion efficiency. This orthopedic childrens play mat set is beneficial in strengthening your little ones feet, it also provides prevention from flat feet or significant correction of flat feet problems.

The softer pastel colours have been introduced to promote a more relaxed development environment.


Set consist of: 8 modular mats 25x25cm

Spikes 2pc

Grass soft 2pc

Pebbles 2pc

Cones 2pc


Our childrens orthopedic play mats are modular and should be used as a puzzle, just like a giant jigsaw, so you are able to join as many of these mats together as you need to at a time.


All of our childrens orthopedic play mats have compact non-slip structure, it is made of a hygienic easy to wash and sanitise material.


Recomended Age: 1 year to Adults

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride