Why I Started The Little Sensory Box

Why I Started The Little Sensory Box

As like many mums, I suffered quite a bit with anxiety and in those early days I really struggled to get out and about! I would get really bad visions in my head of the worst possible things happening to Alfie when I left the house that it would leave me feeling physically sick! That and the thought of not knowing anyone and having nobody to talk to and issues with breastfeeding and feeding in public stopped me from going to any classes until Alfie was 11 weeks old!

Anyway, I braved attending a trial for our local baby sensory class. I knew I had to do this not just for Alfie but for me too! I did my usual thing of arriving super early so I could be the first one there. (There is no way I would ever walk into somewhere new for the first time late). I found a spot relatively tucked away and got myself in and settled. No backing out now!

Well, I made the right decision to go. It was amazing, the lady who ran the session was lovely and made me feel so comfortable and Alfie was fascinated all the way through. We loved it that much that we signed upto a 10 week course. Week after week I could see how great it was for Alfie's development, but not just that, it was great for me to, it really helped my anxiety, I found it calming and absolutely enjoyed exploring with my boy.

After I discovered how beneficial sensory play was for not just Alfie's development, but for me too, I realised that it would be great for mums to have their own sensory box at home. For those days that it felt too hard to go out for what ever reason and that my little boxes could provide them with everything they needed to create their own sensory play at home, without worrying or feeling guilty about not leaving the house because they haven't slept and can't face socialising!

When I first set up this business I wanted to help other parents like me. Who for whatever reason, be that financial, time, going back to work or for those who have 2 under 2, twins, triplets etc that getting out the house is like a military operation! So it makes me incredibly happy that I can help those parents and provide them with something that not only will help encourage their little one's to flourish, but to also provide them with something the whole family can get involved with.

The final reason I started The Little Sensory Box was for my boy. To give him the best life that I possibly could and to one day work from home and spend more time with him. After a year in business that is exactly what I am doing.

You will find a vast range now on my website to suit different ages and budgets. From sensory boxes for babies and toddlers, sensory boxes for newborns, age specific boxes, sensory subscription boxes, sensory toys, resources and sustainable wooden toys.

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